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The ecowirl system-platform provides high application versatility and satisfies the highest technical and technological demands of the mentioned industrial sectors.

ecowirl System platform

ecowirl a

The ecowirl aerator handles the creation and the mix-in of fine air bubbles. This system was developed for flotation and is also used for aeration or stripping of fluids.

ecowirl e

The ecowirl emulsifier system allows the production of oil in water emulsions, such as wet strength agents. It allows the mix-in of protective colloids at the same time.

ecowirl m

The ecowirl  mixer is the most compact system for uniform, hygienic mixing of highly viscous polymers and other chemicals into the process water. The higher degree of efficiency is achieved through a consequent ecowirl mixing water pretreatment, polymer chain elongation and high contact rates.

ecowirl s

The ecowirl separation improves the effectiveness of the cyclonic separation and enables a reduction of the cascade number at the same time. Thereby, system expenditure and energy are economized.

ecowirl p

The ecowirl precipitation process allows the precipitation and separation of solved substances in pure and process water. It is suited to precipitate hardness components in water systems, such as heat exchangers, cooling towers and vacuum pumps with sealing water, in order to prevent depositions.

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