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ecowirl verfahren

multidimensional vortex system

The key element of this innovative system is the ecowirl generator, a multidimensional and multistage vortex system. It opens completely new dimensions for mixing, separation, precipitation processes and their combinations in a single work step.

multidimensional vortex system

design configuration

The ecowirl technology is designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and thereby fulfill the high demands of the food and pharmaceutical industry. In the standard version the system is built up of stainless steel, which can also be electropolished for highest surface quality. Deposition of contaminants during operation is excluded since sufficient flow velocity prevents dirt accumulation on limiting surfaces. With just little effort – and without the use of tools – the ecowirl generators are disassembled in the main components. Therefore a fast and efficient maintenance  without special tools is guaranteed.

material demands

The ecowirl is designed and built in a way that both, machinable production and material hardening, as well as plastic forming processes are possible. Hence, all aggressive and abrasive industrial fluids are treatable in their application areas by the ecowirl

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